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Dr. Jarrod Johnson

Research Associate




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B.Sc. (2004), University of Waterloo, Biochemistry

Ph.D. (2011), University of Waterloo, Organic Chemistry (Prof. Gary Dmitrienko).

Postdoc (2011–2014), University of Notre Dame (Prof. Shahriar Mobashery).

Postdoc (2014–2017), McMaster University (Prof. Gerry Wright).


Jarrod is a chemist with broad interests in organic synthesis, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, and antibiotics. He was trained in the art of synthesis at the University of Waterloo in the lab of Prof. Gary Dmitrienko. His Ph.D. work focused on the synthesis of β-lactamase inhibitors and he continued to work in the field of antibiotics a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Shahriar Mobashery at the University of Notre Dame. He returned to Canada to work with Prof. Gerry Wright at McMaster University on the isolation and identification of new bioactive natural products. He joined the Magolan lab in 2017 to develop new synthetic methods for drug-like heterocycles and to develop high-throughput screening hits to lead compounds in collaborative projects.   

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