Alumni Group Members

Postdoctoral Alumni


Dr. Nicholas Jentsch (Postoctoral Fellow 2018-2021, LinkedIn). Prior to our lab Nick obtained his BSc at Missouri University of Science and Technology (T. Schuman) and his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Southern Mississippi (M. Donahue). Nick's work in our lab included antimicrobial medicinal chemistry and the synthesis of phenolic natural products.  After our lab, Nick pursued further postdoctoral studies at St. Louis University in the lab of Prof. Marvin Meyers.

Lakshmana Kinthada.JPG

Dr. Lakshmana Kinthada (Postoctoral Fellow 2018-2020, LinkedIn).  Prior to our lab, Lakshmana obtained his BSc and MSc degrees at Andhra University and his PhD at IISER Bhopal, India.  His research at McMaster focused on anti-cancer medicinal chemistry and heterocyclic synthetic methodology development.  After our lab, Lakshmana moved to Montreal to join the team at Zamboni Chem Solution Inc. 

Mi Phan Thuy Cao.JPG

Dr. My Phan Thuy Cao (Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-2020,LinkedIn)

PhD: University of Saskatchewan (J. Muller)

MSc: Yeungnam University, South Korea

B.Eng.: Hochiminh University of Technology, Vietnam
After our lab: My works for Dalriada Drug Discovery.


Dr. Srinivas Dharavath (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2019, LinkedIn)

BSc & MSc: Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

PhD: University of Hyderabad, India

After our lab: Srinivas began his independent academic career as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at IIT Kanpur, India.

Venkatesh Miryala.JPG

Dr. Venkatesh Miriyala (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2019)

PhD: Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, India

After our lab: Venkatesh returned to India to work in the contract synthesis industry.

Graduate Student Alumni

Louie Borrillo.JPG

Louis Borrillo

2019-2021, MSc (McMaster, Chemical Biology) "Lewis Acid Mediated N-aryl Nitrone Synthesis from Benzyl Alcohols"

MS Candidate, Chemical Biology

Prior to our lab: Louie obtained his BSc at the University of Guelph

Paul Saliba2_edited.jpg
2017-11-30 Xiong.jpg

Paul Saliba

2018-2020, MSc (McMaster, Chemistry) "Regioselective Hydrolysis of Alkynes via Organosulfur Intermediates"

Prior to our lab: Paul obtained his BSc at the University of Toronto, Mississagua.

After our lab: Paul pursued his PhD in the McNulty lab at McMaster University. 

Dr. Xiong Zhang (LinkedIn)

2014-2020, PhD (McMaster, Biochemistry) "Alumina-Directed Ortho-Allylation of Phenols"

After our lab: Xiong returned to China to work for WuXi AppTec in Tianjin.

Jones 320.jpg

Dr. Ebenezer Jones-Mensah (LinkedIn)

2011-2016, PhD (University of Idaho, Chemistry) "Selective Reductions Directed by Rehydrated Alumina and Thiomethylation Using Dimethylsulfoxide"

After our lab: "Jones" became a process engineer at Intel in Portland, OR.

Megha Karki - 240.JPG

Dr. Megha Karki (LinkedIn)

2010-2015, PhD (University of Idaho, Chemistry) "Development of Oxidation Reactions Based on Vanadium Pentoxide, Dimethylsulfoxide, and Synthetic Iron-Rich Clays"

After our lab: Megha completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Scripps, San Diego with Prof. R. Krishnamurthy.  She is now a scientist at Singular Genomics in San Diego.

Hugo Araujo2 240.JPG

Hugo Araujo (LinkedIn)

2012-2014, MSc (University of Idaho, Chemistry) "Total Synthesis of Veranamine"

After our lab: Hugo studied Osteopathic Medicine at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima.  He is now a physician in the Phoenix Area.

Other graduate students who made contributions to our program:

Jalees Nasir.jpg

Jalees Nasir (2017-2018, LinkedIn) Jalees was an MS candidate in our laboratory for one year prior to continuing his graduate studies at McMaster University in computational genomics in the lab of Prof. Andrew McArthur.

Knight, Jessica - 240.JPG

Jessica Knight (2016-2017, LinkedIn) Jessica was an MSc candidate in our lab at the University of Idaho for one year.  When when we moved from Idaho to McMaster, Jessica transferred to Washington State University where she continued her graduate studies under the supervision of Prof. Ming Xian.

Akeem 320.jpg

Abdulakeem Osumah (2015-2017 LinkedIn) Akeem was an MSc candidate in our lab at the University of Idaho for two years.  When we moved from Idaho to McMaster, Akeem continued his graduate studies at the University of Idaho in the group of Prof. Kris Waynant.  In 2020 he completed his PhD and began postdoctoral studies at Scripps in San Diego.

Ram Gautam 240.JPG

Ram Gautam  (2012-2013) Ram completed one year of graduate studies as an MSc candidate in our lab.

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Undergraduate Research Class of 2021
Gary Zheng.JPG

Gary Zheng (2019-2021, LinkedIn) Gary completed two years of undergraduate research in our laboratory contributing to multiple projects in the area of antimicrobial drug discvoery.  In 2021, he completed his undergraduate studies at McMaster with a degree in Biochemistry.

Melanie in mask.jpg

Melanie Vanderpool (2020-2021, LinkedIn) Melanie's undergraduate thesis was focused on synthesis of cannabinoid-inspired antimicrobial drug-candidates.  After our lab Melanie continued her studies in the Chemical Biology co-op program at McMaster.


Mateo Vendramini (2020-2021, LinkedIn) Mateo's undergraduate thesis project focused on the synthesis Gram-negative antibiotic drug-candidates.  After our lab Mateo continued his undergraduate studies in the Chemical Biology Co-op program.

Benjamin Brakel.png

Benjamin Brakel (2020 Summer, LinkedIn) Ben completed an NSERC-funded summer fellowship in our laboratory.  Working remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ben contributed to a drug-discovery program with computational-docking studies. 

Undergraduate Research Class of 2020
Zoe Piquette_edited.jpg

Zoe Piquette (2018-2020) Zoe completed two years of undergraduate research in our lab focusing on antimicrobial medicinal chemistry. After our lab she graduated from McMaster with a BHSc (Bachelor of Health Sciences) and studied medicine.

Arnav Khaul.JPG

Arnav Khaul (2019-2020) Arnav completed his undergraduate thesis working on antimicrobial medicinal chemistry. In 2020 he graduated from McMaster with a BSc in Life Sciences and began graduate studies in our lab.

Ramon Arora.JPG

Ramon Arora (2019-2020, LinkedIn) Ramon's undergraduate thesis work was in the field anti-cancer medicinal chemistry.  After our lab, Ramon completed his studies at McMaster with a BSc in Chemical Biology and began graduate school in Chemistry at the University of Toronto in the lab of Prof. Mark Lautens.

Chanell Chu.JPG

Chanell Chu (2019-2020) Chanell completed her undergraduate senior thesis in our lab. She initiated our AMR diagnostic program with synthetic efforts toward new beta-lactam derivatives. After our lab Chanell completed her undergraduate degree in McMaster's Chemical Biology Co-Op program.

Alison Armstrong.JPG

Alison Armstrong (2019-2020) Alison completed her undergraduate senior thesis in our lab. She synthesized new partial agonists EPAC1 as part of our collaborative research with Prof. Melacini's group. After our lab Alison continued her studies in McMaster's Chemical Biology Co-Op program.

Ellie Wong.JPG

Eleanor Wong (2019 Fall) Ellie was a visiting co-op student from the University of Waterloo. She synthesized cannabinoid analogues as part of our antimicrobial drug discovery program.  After one semester in our lab Ellie continued her undergraduate studies at Waterloo.

Undergraduate Research Class of 2019

Amir Yeganeh.JPG

Amirhossein Yeganeh  - 2018-2019 - then Amir completed his BSc in Chemical Biology at McMaster and began graduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Toronto in Fall of 2019.

Sheryl Nguyen.JPG

Sheryl Nguyen    BSc (McMaster)    2018-2019, then: Sheryl continued undergraduate studies at McMaster

Victoria Coles.jpg

Victoria Coles    BSc (McMaster)    2018-2019, then: Victoria became a graduate student in biochemistry at McMaster in the lab of Prof. Lori Burrows.

Undergraduate Research Class of 2018

Patrick Pieprzak.jpg

Patrick Pieprzak   BSc (McMaster)    2017-2018, then: continued his undergraduate studies at McMaster 

Kevin Zhou.JPG

Kevin Zhou - BSc (McMaster) - 2018 fall, then: continued his undergraduate studies at McMaster 

James Kazimowicz.jpg

James Kazimowicz    BSc (Waterloo) - 2018 summer, then: MBDC Program, McMaster; now sales & marketing at Johnson & Johnson

Undergraduate Research Class of 2017

Alyssa Ertel 320.jpg

Alyssa Ertel - BSc (Idaho) - 2015-2017, then:  Alyssa became a graduate student at Princeton University in the lab of Prof. Abby Doyle.

Deobald, Jackson 240.JPG

Jackson Deobald - BSc (Idaho) - 2014-2017, then:  Jackson became a graduate student at Princeton University in the lab of Prof. Robert Knowles.

Jeff Scott 320.jpg

Jeff Scott - BSc (Idaho) -  2015-2017, then:  Jeff pursued graduate studies at the University of Idaho.

Weston Durland 320.jpg

Weston Durland - BSc (Idaho) - 2015-2017

James Petersen 320.jpg

James Petersen - MD (WAMMI) - 2016-2017, then:  James continued his medical studies at the University of Washington.

Undergraduate Research Class of 2016

Dalton, Jake 240.JPG

Jacob Dalton - BSc (Idaho)    2014-2016, then:   Graduate Student, UC Davis (Annaliese Franz)

Turner, Addie - 380.jpg

Addie Turner    BSc (Idaho)   2016

Jiahong Li 320.jpg

Jiahong Li - BSc (LCSC)    2016 summer

Dylan Renn 320.jpg

Dylan Ren    BSc (ND)    2016 summer 

Kael (3 of 4).jpg

Kael Stelck    BSc (Idaho)    2016 summer


Roy Henson - BSc (BYUI)    2016 fall   


Nicole Rueb    BSc (Idaho)    2016 fall

Undergraduate Research Class of 2015

Lusk, Sarah 240.jpg

Sarah Lusk    (2014-2015) BSc, Univeristy of Idaho; Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Conner Farley - 240.JPG

Conner Farley    BSc (Idaho)    2012-2015, then:   Graduate Student, Purdue University (Kristopher Uyeda)

Hailey Knox 240.JPG

Hailey Knox    BSc (Idaho)    2013-2015, then:    Graduate Student, U Illinois U-C (Jeff Chen)

Kyle Clark 240.JPG

Kyle Clark    BSc (Idaho)    2013-2015, then:     Graduate Student, UC Santa Barbara (Javier Read de Alaniz)

Joe Schmalz 240.JPG

Joe Schmalz    BSc (Idaho)    2013-2015, then:    Graduate Student, U Idaho (Chem. Eng, with Gautam Kumar)

Peters, Alexis 240.jpg

Alexis Peters    BSc (LCSC)    2015 summer

Jacob Wimpenny 240.JPG

Jacob Wimpenny    BSc (LCSC)    2015 summer

Judah Stelck 240.JPG

Judah Stelck    BSc (Idaho)    2015 summer 

Undergraduate Research Class of 2014

Steve Holmbo - 240.JPG

Stephen Holmbo    BSc (Idaho)    2012-2014, then: PhD UC Irvine (Sergei Pronin); Scientist at Gilead, Los Angeles

Jeff Crawford 240.JPG

Jeff Crawford    BSc (BYUI)   2014 summer  

William Gibb 240.JPG

William Gibbs    BSc (BYUI)   2014 spring  

Brady - 240.JPG

Brady Rinaldi    BSc (Idaho)    2014 spring

Undergraduate Research Class of 2013 

Eric Hall - 240.JPG

Eric Hall    BSc (Idaho)    2012-2013, then:  MS U Idaho (Patrick Hrdlicka); Instructor, North Idaho College

Leslie Nickerson - 240 (2).JPG

Lelsie Nickerson    BSc (Idaho)    2012-2013, then: PhD UC Davis (Jared Shaw)

Sarah Vukelich 240.JPG

Sarah Vukelich    BSc (Idaho)    2011-2013, then:     Chemist, Idaho Bioscience; 


Christopher Hatch    BSc (BYUI)    2013 summer, then:  Staff scientist, Actavis (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Ryan Gole - 240.JPG

Ryan Gole    BSc (Idaho)    2012 fall  

Undergraduate Research Class of 2012 

Nick Weires 240.JPG

Nicholas Weires (2010-2012) Nick completed his BSc at the University of Idaho.  He then finished a PhD at UCLA with Prof. Niel Garg where he did great chemistry, and a postdoctoral fellowship at UC Irvine with Prof. Larry Overman with more great chemistry (Google Scholar Profile).  Nick is a Medicinal Chemist at Amgen in Thousand Oaks CA. (LinkedIn)

Brian Vo 240.JPG

Brian Vo (2010-2012) BSc (Idaho)    2010-2012   

MasonWorkman 240.JPG

Mason Workman (2011-2012) BSc (Idaho)        

Jason Laflemme - 240.JPG

Jason Laflemme (2012 Summer) BSc (BYUI)      

Jared Boster -240.JPG

Jared Boster (2012 Spring)

Jarrod completed an INBRE-funded visiting internship in our lab.  He then completed his undergraduate studies at BYU-Idaho.  He presently works as a chemist in Utah. (LinkedIn)

Undergraduate Research Class of 2011 

Caleb Hopwood - 240.JPG

Caleb Hopwood   (2010-2011)

Caleb finished his BSc at University of Idaho and then an MD at University of Washington.  He is presently working as a physician in Idaho.

Judd Durrant - 240.jpg

Judd Durrant (2011 Fall)  

Judd was an INBRE-funded visiting intern from BYU-Idaho.  After our lab, Judd finished his undergraduate studies at BYUI followed by pharmacy school.  He is a pharmacist in Idaho. (LinkedIn)

Brett Killcup 240.JPG

Bret Kilcup (2010 Fall)

Caleb completed his BSc at the University of Idaho and now works as a Chemical Engineer in Washington (LinkedIn)