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Our Team


September 2019

Lead Investigator

Dr. Jakob Magolan

Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Biomedical Science

Boris Family Chair of Drug Discovery

Associate Member, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Member, DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research

BSc (2002) Queen's University, Canada (R. Lemieux)
PhD (2007) Western University, Canada (M. Kerr)

Postdoc (2007-2010) Griffith University, Australia (M. Coster)

2010 - 2017, Assist. & Assoc. Prof., University of Idaho

2017 - present, Assoc Prof., McMaster University

Research Associate
Jarrod Johnson 2.JPG

Dr. Jarrod Johnson

Research Associate

BSc & PhD: University of Waterloo (G. Dimitrienko)
Postdoctoral research: Notre Dame (S. Mobashery); McMaster (G. Wright)

Project(s): antimicrobial medicinal chemistry

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Mathew Piotrowski

Postdoctoral Fellow 

PhD & BSc: Western University, Canada (M. Kerr)

Project(s): antimicrobial medicinal chemistry

Marc Mackinnon.JPG

Dr. Marc Mackinnon

Postdoctoral Fellow

BSc: Wilfrid Laurier University
PhD: Memorial University of Newfoundland (G. Bodwell)

Project(s): antimicrobial medicinal chemistry

Graduate Students - PhD Candidates
Patrick Darveau.JPG

Patrick Darveau

PhD Candidate, Chemical Biology

BSc: University of Laval

MSc: University of Laval

Research: antimicrobial medicinal chemistry; natural products synthesis

Meghan Fragis (mask).JPG

Meghan Fragis


PhD Candidate, Chemical Biology

BSc: Unviersity of Guelph (W. Tam)

Research: organosulfur synthetic methods; anti-malarial natural products synthesis


Matthew Squazzin.JPG

Matthew Squazzin

PhD Candidate, Biochemistry

BSc: University of Waterloo (R. Lemieux)

Research: cardiovascular medicinal chemistry; synthetic methods

Graduate Students - MS Candidates
Parul Pal.JPG

Parul Pal

MS Candidate, Chemical Biology

BSc: University of Mumbai

Research: antimicrobial medicinal chemistry; organosulfur synthetic methods

Arnav Khaul.JPG

Arnav Kaul

MS Candidate, Biochemistry

BSc: McMaster University (J. Magolan)

Research: antimicrobial medicinal chemistry

Nikki Ritchie (mask).JPG

Nicole Ritchie

MS Candidate, Chemistry

BSc: University of Waterloo (G. Murphy)

Research: antimicrobial medicinal chemistry

Prineton Luong.JPG

Princeton Luong

MS Candidate, Chemical Biology

BSc: University of Waterloo (M. Chong)

Research: anti-cancer medicinal chemistry

Elizabeth Lach.JPG

Elizabeth Lach

MS Candidate, Chemical Biology

BSc: McMaster University (A. Rullo)

molecule 6.gif

Lara Lima

MS Candidate, Chemical Biology

BSc: Federal University of Ceara, Brazil

Undergraduate Students
Matthew Bacik (mask).JPG

Matthew Bacik

Undergraduate Student, Health Sciences

Vincent Wang.JPG

Vincent Wang

Undergraduate Student, Health Sciences

Brenda Nkonge.JPG

Brenda Nkonge


Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization​

Ryan D'Souza.JPG

Ryan D'Souza

Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization

Shomaila Rashid.JPG

Shomaila Rashid

Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry