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Sept. 2020 - We welcome Nikki Ritchie and Arnav Kaul who begin their graduate studies in our lab!

Aug. 2020 - Congratulations to Dr. Xiong (Bear) Zhang who successfully defended his PhD thesis!  Xiong leaves our lab after a great deal of outstanding research and mentorship, first at the University of Idaho and then at McMaster University.  Xiong is headed back home to China where has accepted a job as a project leader at WuXi AppTec in Binhai, Tianjin. 


Dec. 2019 - Year in Review - In 2019 our lab welcomed four new graduate students: Parul Pal, Patrick Darveau, Louis Borrillo, and Arnav Kaul; five undergraduates Arnav Kaul, Ramon Arora, Alison Armstrong, Chanell Chu, and Eleanor Wong; and one postdoctoral fellow Dr. My Phan Thuy Cao.   We also bid farewell to two postdoctoral fellows Dr. Srinivas Dharavath (who will begin his independent academic career in India) and Dr. Venkatesh Miryala (who 

2019 July: Most of the group attends the Canadian Chemistry Conference

News from the lab:

Sept. 2019 - Online press: "Strong Bonds: How the Magolan Lab Adds a New Element to the IIDR".  An article about us was written for IIDR news by Luke Yaeger (Burrows Lab) based on an interview with Dr. Nick Jentsch. link to the article

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