A medicinal and synthetic chemistry research program at McMaster University, Canada.  

We are an organic synthetic chemistry laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University.  We pursue research projects in two broad areas: 1) drug discovery and pre-clinical development, and 2) fundamental organic synthetic methodology development.

In collaboration with other laboratories at McMaster and elsewhere, we are working to find new medicines to meet critical challenges in human health.   We are part of the Michael G. Degroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR) which is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and laboratories committed to the search for innovative antibiotic drugs to combat multi-drug resistant infections.

We are often recruiting exceptional graduate student candidates with a sound knowledge of organic chemistry and postdoctoral candidates with a strong record of organic synthesis experience.  If you are such a candidate, then perhaps our lab should be your lab.  

News from the lab:


2019 September - Online press: "Strong Bonds: How the Magolan Lab Adds a New Element to the IIDR".  An article about us was written for IIDR news by Luke Yaeger (Burrows Lab) based on an interview with Dr. Nick Jentsch. link to the article